Using Animation in the Subject Line

Animation within the body of an email has been possible for a long time and now animation can be added into the subject line.

This gives a huge new number of possibilities to make attention grabbing subject lines.

We tested and the screenshot below shows how this works within Hotmail.

Add Animation to Email Subject Lines

This is the next step on from using symbols. It’s a hack we found by exploiting a discontinuity in the Unicode character set. It allows a pointer reference to an HTML5 scriptlet block to be inserted.

The HTML5 scriptlet block then completely replaces the subject line shown to the user and the normal email subject line in the envelope header is ignored. The neat part of this is that it’s fail safe. Any email clients that can’t show the animated subject line fall back to using the traditional subject line.

Best of all its actually quite easy to do once you know.

To check the email clients compatible with animated subject lines and download the example code scriptlet read our full article on animated subject lines.