Mind boggling stats for 1 second of internet activity

Read this post fast and you might just make it to the end before another quarter of a billion emails are sent.
How many emails sent per second

The chart on the left is shown tall and thin because email activity is so dominant it was the only way of getting the bars for most other channels to show up even just a little.

Each bar shows the activity per second, such as number of emails sent per second, or how many WhatsApp messages.

If you’re a numbers person and prefer tabular data the numbers behind the bar chart are in the table below.

Emails sent3,400,000
WhatsApp messages740,741
Google Searches68,542
Facebook posts54,977
SMS messages4,595
Instagram Posts694


All figures are counts per second, ie how many emails sent per second, number of Facebook posts per second and so on.

The data sources below were used to create the above chart. The articles cited contain more details and stats, in case you wish to find out more about what happens in a second of internet activity.