Lovely Aviva Animated Christmas Email

AvivaSnowmanThinking of sending a Christmas Wish email to your customers and subscribers? If so avoid one of those emails with a cheesy “Wishing you a Happy Christmas” message and little else.

Make sure you give some value to your subscribers, Christmas is a time of giving and a bulk emailed wish won’t impress anyone.

This is an excellent example from Aviva, its got animation and the offer of a little something for subscribers. Watch the video to find out. Perfect.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas too.

Just in case you can’t read the email fully in the video and want to see the full copy here it is, but make sure you watch the video above for the animation and details of why I liked the email.

Aviva Christmas wish

Now its your turn, how can you give a little value to your customers in a Christmas Email?

  • Provide a small gift, like above a lucky dip, a simple click to win
  • Entertain with a fun game, a video, some Christmas humour or some trivia questions
  • Give some useful content away that you don’t normally give

I hope your email marketing keeps delivering you the goods and not just at Christmas but throughout next year. We can help if it doesn’t and for more sound advice in 2014 just drop your email address in below.