How It Works

I work on a fixed cost basis rather than day rate. This means you know upfront the costs before you commit.

To provide a proposal and cost I’ll first ask you about your objectives and current situation.

Then I’ll provide you with a proposal to review, including details such as scope, timescale, responsibilities, assumptions and deliverables.

At that point it’s your decision whether you wish to go ahead.

All work is delivered using my proven process. Whether you need an email marketing audit, resolving deliverability struggles, creating customer journeys or building your email strategy.

The proven process follows three simple steps:

Email Consulting Process
  • Step 1 – Research Context. To provide excellent advice I need to understand your situation. This step is all about me reviewing your current activity, business and objectives.
  • Step 2 – Discover Opportunties. Methodically working through the information captured from step 1, I identify the issues and best opportunities to meet the objectives.
  • Step 3 – Recommend Strategy. Taking my findings from the previous step, I document the actionable recommendations and then go through each point in a workshop session with you. Ensuring all your questions are fully answered.

Speak to me about how I can help, there is no obligation; don’t be surprised if you come away from your initial free consultation call with new ideas.