Henning Wehn Knows Bestest – but not with marketing

Who pays to keep Europe going? In Henning Wehn’s Win a Taste of Germany competition there is a choice of three answers:

  • Germany
  • Germany
  • Germany

I recently enjoyed some great German (yup) stand-up comedy from Henning Wehn on his ‘Henning Knows Bestest’ tour.

As we walked into the venue we were handed a post card to enter the competition. Of course I studied the entry post card more carefully than any normal person – with the kind of zealous attention to detail you’d expect from a German in fact. As well as the tricky competition question above, it asked for name, email address and postal address.

Even the Terms & Conditions followed Henning’s humour theme stating “Prizes administered by Henning’s UK agents – surprisingly reliable considering all their staff are English”.

But there was something missing, can you spot it?


Here’s a clue, its one of these

  • No marketing permission collected
  • No marketing permission collected
  • No marketing permission collected

So the email addresses being collected can’t be used. Verflixt.

Quite a shame as the monthly Henning newsletter is a good bit of entertainment and anyone attending a gig would happily have that and information about future gigs arrive in their inbox. Sign up here if you like German humour or want to see if it really exists.

Here’s the kicker, Henning starts the gig by explaining he used to be in marketing. Guess we know now why “he used to be”.

Do collected email addresses at every customer touch point. But don’t forget the law, you have to get marketing permission to use the address and provide a way to opt-out at time of collection.

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