Faster Email List Growth

Its often said Content is King but when it comes to email marketing its data that Builds the Kingdom.

Quite simply a 5% larger list will net 5% more revenue. What do you want to do? Sweat on the performance of every campaign or grow your list faster and see every campaign automatically deliver more revenue?

This doesn’t mean bulking out a list with data from dodgy sources or tricking people onto your list. List growth takes strategy and hard work.

Last week speaking at Completely Email to an audience of over two hundred marketers I covered the 7 i’s of list growth, seven principles you can apply to build your list faster. The slides give examples to show each principle in action.

In summary the seven i’s of list growth are:

  • interest – Stimulate interest with signup benefits
  • incentive – Reduce friction with incentives
  • impulsive – Make it easy for action with perfect timing
  • instant – Offer instant gratification for motivation to act
  • integrated – Integrate and set targets across all touch points
  • improve – Improve what you’ve got to optimise results
  • investable – Make the list investable with better metrics

Do these principles work? When implemented correctly they certainly do and putting my money where my mouth is I applied the principles live in the session and 41% of the audience gave me their email address.