Email subject line hacks that don’t work

TrickAre subject line hacks and tricks to get customers to open an email a good or bad idea? Finally some deep analysis helps answer this question.

Subject line hacks includes putting words like oops, test or Re: and Fw: in the subject line.

In a new study of the impact of common keywords in the subject line from Adestra there is a definitive answer about use of these hacks in the subject line. These two charts are from the report


Their findings are clear; these subject line hacks don’t help the open rate, depress the click rate and annoy customers into unsubscribing.

Honesty and transparency in messaging is the best way to develop relationships and revenue.

The study looks at a wide variety of keywords across B2B and B2C sectors. Such as the impact of free, half price, save, sale, exclusive and much more.

In the retail sector the majority of the common keywords were found to reduce click rates. Suggesting that a key part of subject line success is being different.

There are many useful findings and you’ll find it a great source of stimulation when developing your own subject line strategy and creating split tests.