Email Addiction – Consumer Research

Email Addiction Report Cover - Consumer SurveyAs a professional involved in email marketing, it is important to stay in touch with how your subscribers feel and use the email channel.

You hear claims from industry people of marketing and email overload, yet see people happily sign up for your list. And can report strong revenue from the email marketing channel.

As an email marketer spending hours working on email, it is easy to stop seeing email the way consumers see it.

Hence the Email Addiction report. During many years of helping Brands with their email strategy, we have found that knowing how your customers interact and perceive your emails is key for successful email marketing.

The survey asks some questions that have never been addressed before, uncovering how consumers use email and think about email marketing. We all want to know the views and behaviors of consumers that have the greatest impact on email marketing.



In the full report you will find answers to questions such as:

  • What are the most attractive reasons for people to sign-up for newsletters?
  • How do consumers feel about no-reply addresses?
  • What is the desired frequency for brands to send offers?
  • How easy is it to read emails on mobile?
  • What do people expect to get after they sign up for a newsletter?
  • And of course, what is the favourite channel to receive promotions? (hint: it is email)

Here are a few findings from the report:

Email is checked all the time, everywhere

There is little you can assume about the context of the reader. In the bathroom, on vacation, in restaurants, regardless of where more than a third are checking their email.

77% turn to email in a moment of boredom. 70% check their email in bed and almost equally as many immediately when waking up.

Over 50% of unengaged are waiting for the right moment

Why don’t customers unsubscribe from brand emails they opted-in for but mostly ignore?
The majority says it’s not because they’re no longer engaged in the brand. They are either waiting for the right offer (37%) or because they expect to buy from the brand again. (24%).

Top innovations in email marketing

What are the innovations in email marketing that consumers are interested in? 38% wants emails to include product ratings and 35% offers based on their past purchases. Consumers are looking for qualification and relevance to help the decision to click. Surprisingly the enthusiasm for location based email is high with 31% seemingly no big concern of brands being too intrusive.


About the Email Addiction Research report

The report was compiled by email marketing consultants Tim Watson of Zettasphere and Jordie van Rijn of Emailmonday. The statistics are based on a survey of 417 predominately North American consumers sampled at random and representing all demographics. Feel free to get in touch with questions about the research.

Please quote and use the research findings/report graphics freely, as long as you include proper attribution and link to this page. Thank you.