Email list growth strategies that doubled signups

SignMeUpA while back on the Zettasphere website we improved how we capture email addresses, tweaking what we had and adding additional ways to ask visitors to subscribe. We saw immediate results with an over doubling of the number of email addresses captured.

There are three methods to sign up and we track how many new subscribers come through each method, so we know what to improve. The results surprised us, read on to find out which methods are currently working best.

First a quick summary of the three ways we capture email addresses.

Website main menu

MainMenu PostFooter

At the end of blog posts

We include this signup form as the first thing all visitors see at the end of every blog post. It’s the logical place to ask, since anyone who has got that far is really engaged and valuing the content.


Using a bottom slider


This is an intelligent slider, it doesn’t show immediately but after a delay and is set to only show every few visits.

This is how well each of the three signup methods perform in terms of relative number of signups


The improvements over doubled the rate of list growth. Of course the main menu option is always present which gives it an advantage and in terms of total site traffic 80%+ is viewing blog pages.

We expected the bottom slider to perform much better and we’re going back to change when this shows.

These three methods aren’t the only options and we’ve found other methods work successfully in different situations. If you would like help building your list get in touch.

Whatever the method, the basis of strong list growth strategy comes down to five things

  • Provide reasons to subscribe
  • Ask more frequently
  • Add subscribe to more touch points
  • Ask at the right time
  • Track each signup source

Finally, if you’ve found this post helpful then drop your email address into the box below. Thank you.