Email list growth increased 3.3x

GoodBetterAs the results being shared here show, growing an email list is not just about asking for email addresses more often, but also doing it the right way.

In a test of two different methods to capture email addresses offline using SMS captured 3.3 times more addresses than a web signup link – the method most commonly used for offline capture.

Like many brands Deal Monster have offline touch points they can use to grow their list. In Deal Monster’s case, as they are part of the Johnson press group who publish local newspapers, they can easily advertise in those papers to gain new email subscribers.

The question is what is the best way to ask people to respond and subscribe?

  • Provide a web signup link in the Ad?
  • Promote subscribe by SMS in the Ad?

Together with Deal Monster we put it to the test. Ads were run in a local newspaper over a period of time. One Ad promoted a web link for signup and the other promoted SMS-2-Subscribe, inviting consumers to simply text their email address to sign-up.

Each issue of the newspaper carried one of the Ads and the Ads were run multiple times over a long period.

Here’s an example of the web link signup Ad:

Deal Monster Ad with web link

The Ads promoting SMS signup were the same style but with the call to action text changed as shown below:

Using SMS to grow the email list

The results were clear; the method using SMS to subscribe gave 3.3 times more subscribers than the web link.

Making the process simple for customers is the key. Allowing signup via SMS means interested consumers can act on their impulse easily and immediately. Whereas the web link means keeping the Ad and acting on it when next online, by which time it’s forgotten or the impulse to act has gone. Even using a web access via a smartphone to register online is not as convenient as SMS.

The lesson is to make sure your sign-up is easy and convenient and at the exact moment someone is most inclined to want to sign-up.

What are your offline touch points and how can you use SMS-2-Subscribe? Perhaps you have some of these offline presences:

  • At point of sale
  • Waiting areas
  • Exhibitions
  • Printed materials
  • Restaurant and café areas
  • Auditoriums

Just in case you’re wondering about using QR codes to make an easy way for consumers to get to a signup web page from their smartphone, Deal Monster did run Ads including QR codes and they were ineffective.

To try out SMS-2-Subscribe for your company take a look at our simple and low cost solution.