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One Email Split Test Best Practice to AVOID

Email split test successA commonly held email A/B split test best practice is to only test one change at a time.

The logic is simple. If you make multiple changes at once in your email split test treatments you won’t know which change was important to getting an uplift.

Whilst there is truth in this, sometimes you’re simply starting from the wrong place with your email split tests and making just one change at a time may stop you finding the best performing email.

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“What’s the best time to send email?” is one of the most popular email marketing questions. Should I send email Monday, or Tuesday? Should it be 11am or 4pm? I’ve reviewed several data studies to come up with the ultimate answer. It might surprise you.

Google trends for the phrase ‘email best time to send’ shows continuous growth.

The question of best time to send

And there is no shortage of advice. All it needs is some seriously big data and voilà, the question answered once and for all. Or not? [continue reading…]


Subject Line Offer Split Test with 39% Uplift

Split testing offersIt’s easy to think that all you need to do is put a good offer in the subject line and bingo you’ll get the best open rate.

But could how you talk about the offer make a difference? [continue reading…]


A/B Subject line split test resultsEven better the clicks uplift was for an inactive segment and the winning subject line was itself being pitted, in an A/B split test, against a previously strong performer. So this was not a easy win against a poor subject line. [continue reading…]


A/B subject line split testsAt the recent Email Insider summit the consensus was the number one element to split test in your emails is the subject line. So I’ve rounded up 9 subject line split tests.

For each of the nine tests you’ll find the subject lines tested, the results & winner and what you can learn for your campaigns. [continue reading…]


BrownEnvelopeLast week I ran a live psychologically experiment with the audience at On The Edge Digital in Bristol. The results revealed an important trait of the human mind.

Brown envelopes were handed out to members of the 100+ strong audience. They were asked to open their envelope, read the two questions inside and without conferring answer them. I asked that they made their best guess should they not know the exact answer.

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A Key Email Split Test Plan Ingredient

A great example of an email split test, 300 subject lines suggested by readers of Marketing Experiments, reduced down to ten and a split tested.

The email split test results table taken from the original post is below but before you check out the original post read on here for a quick lesson in split testing strategy not mentioned in the original post and rarely talked about. [continue reading…]

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Email split test results identical? Do this…

TwinsOh the disappointment. You’ve done everything right, followed email A/B testing best practices, eagerly awaited the test outcome, plugged the results into a split test calculator  and [continue reading…]

Coinks Deals

Ever heard someone say the purpose of the subject line is to get the open? This is short sighted and the purpose and impact of the subject line goes much deeper, because it: [continue reading…]

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Frankenstein email split testing$500 million is a big sum by anyone’s measure. Now imagine using email to deliver most of that money in just 18 months. Toby Fallsgraff and his team raised a sum not far off that amount for the Obama campaign last year. In fact, the digital department on the Obama campaign accounted for the bulk of the election funds raised from donors.

The strategy behind this incredible success involved [continue reading…]