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Email Marketing Metrics You Can Ignore

Email marketing metrics to ignoreYou’ve got lots of email marketing metrics but what should you do?

Where do you focus to ensure email marketing success?

Focus on increasing open rates, minimize your unsubscribes, get more click throughs?

What about bounce rates and spam complaints?

Surely inbox placement should be a top metric to watch?

And when the boss asks what email marketing performance looks like what do you say? [continue reading…]


9 Experts Weigh in on Email Metrics that Matter

Email Metrics that MatterThe killer feature of email marketing is the metrics. However, just looking at open rates and click rates each month, noting they’ve gone up or down but not using the data to learn and change means you’re missing out.

So what should you do instead? I’ve asked 9 email marketing experts to share how you can get more value from your email metrics, what metrics matter, what you should track and use to drive improvement in your email marketing performance. [continue reading…]


Read this post fast and you might just make it to the end before another quarter of a billion emails are sent. [continue reading…]


Google Gmail change Breaks Email Open Tracking

GmailLogoUpdated 14th January 2014

It appears that around the 3rd December Google implemented a change to how linked images are handled in Gmail webmail.

What can this mean? [continue reading…]


Last click attribution undervalues email

Could it be that email is undervalued, even by many big brands?

eCommerce brands are the biggest users of email in no small part because revenue tracking makes the business case for email crystal clear.

Social media is fed by the power of email. Facebook is joint third [continue reading…]

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Unopened emails are undervalued

Benchmark figures show typical email campaign open rates of 20%. In my experience deeper analysis shows most databases have typically [continue reading…]


The problem with classic email campaign metrics

LinegraphAre you really customer centric? Many email marketers talk of being customer centric and wanting to engage customers, yet in most cases its campaigns that are measured and not customers.

How can you know if you are engaging customers if you aren’t measuring them?

In the early years of email marketing with a monthly send campaign metrics did [continue reading…]


Email open rate, as useful as your appendix


There have been a couple of heated debates I’ve been part of in the email community just recently, one about open rates and another about subject line length. In this post I’m reflecting on the open rate debate. I’ve added an update to the original post showing more proof that open rate fixation can be misleading.

It may surprise you that the community is very split on the value of the open rate metric, seemingly, a cornerstone metric since the dawn of email marketing. It’s a metric cited in every email marketing book and on every mail marketing course… So why is its value in doubt?

Let me summarise some of the reasons why open rates are not important. [continue reading…]