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Last click attribution undervalues email

Could it be that email is undervalued, even by many big brands?

eCommerce brands are the biggest users of email in no small part because revenue tracking makes the business case for email crystal clear.

Social media is fed by the power of email. Facebook is joint third [click to continue…]

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Unopened emails are undervalued

Benchmark figures show typical email campaign open rates of 20%. In my experience deeper analysis shows most databases have typically [click to continue…]


Email list growth strategies that doubled signups

SignMeUpA while back on the Zettasphere website we improved how we capture email addresses, tweaking what we had and adding additional ways to ask visitors to subscribe. We saw immediate results with an over doubling of the number of email addresses captured.

There are three [click to continue…]


FactMythThere are plenty of email marketing myths circulating around the internet that are presented as best practice fact. I’ll be surprised if you aren’t shocked by at least one of these myths [click to continue…]

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The problem with classic email campaign metrics

LinegraphAre you really customer centric? Many email marketers talk of being customer centric and wanting to engage customers, yet in most cases its campaigns that are measured and not customers.

How can you know if you are engaging customers if you aren’t measuring them?

In the early years of email marketing with a monthly send campaign metrics did [click to continue…]