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Getting GDPR Consent & Opt-in

Email marketing list growth is getting harder with GDPR consent and forthcoming ePrivacy regulation. But all is not lost, research points the way to getting the best of all worlds. Using the right method both GDPR consent compliance and continued strong email list growth are possible, as the test results and GDPR consent examples below show. [continue reading…]


How many email accounts on average a person keepsIt’s no secret that most people use many email addresses. So just how many email addresses does the typical person have on average?

The Radicati email statistics report tells us part of the story. [continue reading…]


Faster Email List Growth

Its often said Content is King but when it comes to email marketing its data that Builds the Kingdom.

Quite simply a 5% larger list will net 5% more revenue. What do you want to do? Sweat on the performance of every campaign or grow your list faster and see every campaign automatically deliver more revenue? [continue reading…]

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Last week several news sources, including Sky, The Drum, Yahoo and The Register reported that Roddy Mansfield won damages against John Lewis for acting unlawfully in use of email marketing.

So you can understand why this ruling was made and what you should do I’ve summarised here:

  • Case background
  • The soft opt-in law
  • The reason for the judgement
  • The key missing fact

[continue reading…]


Email list growth increased 3.3x

GoodBetterAs the results being shared here show, growing an email list is not just about asking for email addresses more often, but also doing it the right way.

In a test of two different methods to capture email addresses offline using SMS captured [continue reading…]

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Email list growth strategies that doubled signups

SignMeUpA while back on the Zettasphere website we improved how we capture email addresses, tweaking what we had and adding additional ways to ask visitors to subscribe. We saw immediate results with an over doubling of the number of email addresses captured.

There are three [continue reading…]


List growth lessons from ended Google AdWords beta

18 months ago Google released a new type of Ad extension beta allowing brands to collect email addresses directly in the search results, like this example:


The beta has now quietly come to an end and this particular type of Ad extension has been removed from beta test accounts.

I know a couple of brands who tried the beta and were [continue reading…]


Who pays to keep Europe going? In Henning Wehn’s Win a Taste of Germany competition there is a choice of three answers:

  • Germany
  • Germany
  • Germany

I recently enjoyed some great German (yup) stand-up comedy from Henning Wehn on his ‘Henning Knows Bestest’ tour.

As we walked into the venue we were handed a post card to enter the competition. Of course I studied the entry post card more carefully than any normal person – with the kind of zealous attention to detail you’d expect from a German in fact. As well as the tricky competition question above [continue reading…]