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Why Adding Video to Your Emails Isn’t Working

Should you add video in your emails? The infographic graphic below claims video in email increases ROI an impressive 280%.

But just throwing a video into your email is not enough. Why? Check out the advice and examples below the infographic to find out.

Why add video in email marketing

Lame content can’t be saved by the video format [continue reading…]

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3 Crazy April Fool Email Examples

Email Marketing April fool creative examplesBrands got foolish yesterday and why not? An April Fool email is a great way to add a little spice and fun to the email inbox.

You’ll find some examples of foolish behaviour below and just what made them special, with emails from GoApe, Boden and Redbox. Take a look and see which tickle your fancy. [continue reading…]


15 Email Creative Tips

An effective email is so much more than just finding some pretty images and filling the copy with superlatives and hype words, in the hope that someone will be motivated into action by this. Based on a recent breakfast seminar I’ve pulled together 15 of the best tips for better emails. [continue reading…]

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Insert video or link? Video email exampleYou can embed video in email marketing. But just because you can does it mean you should?

For a long time the possibility of playing video directly within an email had such limited support it wasn’t an option worth considering. The classic approach has become to include a still image of the video and a play button, which when clicked takes you to a landing page. The video doesn’t [continue reading…]


Thinking mobile email design and confused about the difference between scalable, skinny and responsive email design?

The fastest way to understand the difference is [continue reading…]


smartphoneEmails opened on a mobile devices are now averaging 43% of opened emails (source Litmus) with some brands and campaigns much higher than 43%.

There’s advice aplenty for creating a better user experience on mobile devices and use of responsive design in email templates. But just how important is it? Should this be your number one priority? The data suggests  [continue reading…]