Gmail promotions tab inbox delivery stats

Gmail inbox delivery to Primary and Promotions tabsWhilst alarmists might look at the read rate for emails in the Gmail promotion tab of 19.2% and exclaim there is slim chance of your marketing emails to Gmail addresses being read, that is –  well – alarmist.

This latest chart is from RetunPath stats for read rates of emails in each Gmail tab. [click to continue…]


Why Your Emails get Sent to Junk

Spam folderA big concern of all email marketers is how to stop emails going to spam.

The biggest single cause of ending up in the junk folder is consumer spam complaints. When too many of your subscribers classify your email as spam, the ISPs reduce your reputation and your inbox placement suffers. [click to continue…]

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Gmail makes unsubscribing easier

Gmail Email Unsubscribe HeaderGoogle are rolling out a Gmail interface change that puts an unsubscribe link directly next to the Senders details in the head of an email, making it much easier for users to unsubscribe (post updated 28th February with unsubscribe by email information).

Here’s an example of how it looks. [click to continue…]


The Email Deliverability balloon“If I do X” will my emails go to the junk folder is a question I’m often asked by clients. Questions such as “if I put free in the subject line”, “if I don’t use DKIM”, “if my email is all images”.

Email deliverability and spam filtering work like blowing up a balloon,  [click to continue…]