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BrownEnvelopeLast week I ran a live psychologically experiment with the audience at On The Edge Digital in Bristol. The results revealed an important trait of the human mind.

Brown envelopes were handed out to members of the 100+ strong audience. They were asked to open their envelope, read the two questions inside and without conferring answer them. I asked that they made their best guess should they not know the exact answer.

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Email Calls to Action that Get Clicks

Still using ‘click here’ and ‘read more’ as calls to action in your email? Having trouble working out what would be a better call to action instead? [click to continue…]

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AudienceIt seemed like a great idea, plan an event, promote it, have lots of people turn up, deliver some great content and kick start many new beautiful relationships.

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MarkBrownlowGarbage in, garbage out goes the saying and its true of email campaign briefs, a better brief delivers a better campaign. You’ll find the following tips the perfect guide to what you need to put into your email briefing template.

These tips come with my thanks to Mark Brownlow (yep, that’s Mark over to the right). He gave me a few minutes of his time and experience to answer some questions about email and copywriting. His answers [click to continue…]


Lovely Aviva Animated Christmas Email

AvivaSnowmanThinking of sending a Christmas Wish email to your customers and subscribers? If so avoid one of those emails with a cheesy “Wishing you a Happy Christmas” message and little else.

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Its good to see in this example email from FootSmart that they are trying to find out more about their subscribers so that they can provide more relevant content.

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Persuasion psychology in email

In Cialdini’s 1984 bestseller “Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion”, there are six principles you can use in your marketing to be more persuasive; reciprocity, commitment, consensus, liking, authority and scarcity.

This short and very watchable video explains each principle and gives examples such as how waiters increased [click to continue…]


Email subject line hacks that don’t work

TrickAre subject line hacks and tricks to get customers to open an email a good or bad idea? Finally some deep analysis helps answer this question.

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The most common type of social media integration with email marketing is the use of social media icons in the header or footer of an email template. These however have little impact on your email performance and revenue. So find here some example emails with a better approach to social media integration.

The click metrics associated with many campaigns I’ve reviewed show the number of clicks on [click to continue…]


Coinks Deals

Ever heard someone say the purpose of the subject line is to get the open? This is short sighted and the purpose and impact of the subject line goes much deeper, because it: [click to continue…]

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