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How to Win an Award

AwardCupAwards are valuable assets when it comes to marketing. Sure you can tell everyone you’re the best but let’s be honest, who’s going to really believe you?

A third party endorsement with an award speaks volumes more. Winning awards isn’t just luck either; you can load the dice in your favour.

Parkdean have come top in their category for a British Travel award in 3 out of the last four years and they were runner up in the fourth of those years. Impressive stuff, how do they do it? [click to continue…]

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Email Copy Tips to Avoid the Delete key

Three C email layout formulaThe delete key is only seconds away, so how do you structure an email to avoid being deleted?

Eventbrite asked me to deliver email copywriting tips at the London Brite Space event, to help event marketers avoid the delete key and aid conversion.

As the copy tips are relevant to more than just event invitation emails and went down so well I thought I’d share them and slides here. [click to continue…]


15 Email Creative Tips

An effective email is so much more than just finding some pretty images and filling the copy with superlatives and hype words, in the hope that someone will be motivated into action by this. Based on a recent breakfast seminar I’ve pulled together 15 of the best tips for better emails. [click to continue…]

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A/B Subject line split test resultsEven better the clicks uplift was for an inactive segment and the winning subject line was itself being pitted, in an A/B split test, against a previously strong performer. So this was not a easy win against a poor subject line. [click to continue…]


A/B subject line split testsAt the recent Email Insider summit the consensus was the number one element to split test in your emails is the subject line. So I’ve rounded up 9 subject line split tests.

For each of the nine tests you’ll find the subject lines tested, the results & winner and what you can learn for your campaigns. [click to continue…]


Eight Cracking Animated Email Examples

AllAboardSmAnimation has made a comeback with the use of gif animation in email growing. The crude and unpleasant animation effects of the past that discredited animated gifs have given way to more stylish and valuable animations.

I’ve rounded up eight email examples with animation along with short explanations about the strength of each animation.

You’ll also find at the end of the article 10 tips to creating animations for emails. [click to continue…]


Using Animation in the Subject Line

Animation within the body of an email has been possible for a long time and now animation can be added into the subject line.

This gives a huge new number of possibilities to make attention grabbing subject lines. [click to continue…]


Emails that Deeply Connect

Academic study in recent years into human behaviour provides us valuable insight into how to create email messages that connect at much deeper level, connecting with how the brain works.

In a recent conference presentation I covered the theory and practice, looking at behavioural principles and how they are applied in email marketing, using some examples emails to illustrate. [click to continue…]


BrownEnvelopeLast week I ran a live psychologically experiment with the audience at On The Edge Digital in Bristol. The results revealed an important trait of the human mind.

Brown envelopes were handed out to members of the 100+ strong audience. They were asked to open their envelope, read the two questions inside and without conferring answer them. I asked that they made their best guess should they not know the exact answer.

[click to continue…]


Email Calls to Action that Get Clicks

Still using ‘click here’ and ‘read more’ as calls to action in your email? Having trouble working out what would be a better call to action instead? [click to continue…]

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