Jones Bootmaker Personalised Emails

In a recent Success in the inbox study Email on Acid found 68% of email marketers considered personalisation as a priority for improving the effectiveness of their campaigns. Yet how many personalised emails from brands have you received recently?

Personalisation has shown to be notoriously difficult to implement for many email marketers.

Multi-channel footwear retailer Jones Bootmaker went through this exact challenge of moving from one-size fits all messaging to 1:1 personalised messages. Using the Reignite email personalisation platform they added personalised product recommendations across a range of CRM campaigns.

This article shows you some of the learnings they made along the way. [continue reading…]

Why You Should Keep Sending Email

One of the worst things you can do in tough times is stop marketing – don’t stop sending email. That’s true even if we had not hit a global pandemic.

Harvard Business School ran a yearlong project analyzing corporate performance from three previous recessions. Studying 4,700 public companies.

The project looked at data for each company for the three years before a recession, the three years after, and the recession years themselves.

There were big differences in company performance. [continue reading…]

21 Free and Trusted Tools for Email Marketing Ninjas

Email ToolsA good tool makes the job easier and gets it done right. Here’s a collection of the tried and trusted FREE online tools I use most often. I’ve tested out many tools and these are the ones I keep coming back to, that have stood the test of time. Save your time searching and evaluating other solutions, try these first. [continue reading…]

Get Smarter with These Great Books

Recommended Marketing Reading ListOver the years I’ve increased my skills continuously through reading and applying the knowledge. I thought it was time I shared the knowledge by sharing the books I recommend.

Why these books?

Simply put, they deliver the highest value. I can honestly say, putting the knowledge from these books into action has created a big impact. Saving countless hours of time and generating, directly and indirectly, £100K’s in value.

To help you pick I’ve grouped the books into three topics, leadership, marketing and business intelligence.

If you own a business or hold a leadership role, you’ll find someting of interest in leadership. Whather that’s being a more effective boss, building better teams or just getting what you want from the business.

Those with a marketing focus check the marketing books. These cover timeless principles that get you closer to your customers.

Finally, with more data than ever at our finger tips, skills to convert data into insight are valuable. If you enjoy digging into data these are for you.

[continue reading…]

4 Cart Abandon Subject Lines – with Results

Abandon cart recovery rocketBeyond the welcome email the second most popular automated email is a cart abandon email. For good reason, they bring in revenue.

And with low cost platforms like Moosend creating cart abandon emails is easy – there is no longer any barrier to adding one.

Increasing your cart abandonment email revenue is one of the most efficient ways to minimize loss and promote growth.

So, where do you start?


[continue reading…]

Everything you should know about Email Sender Reputation

Deliverability Sender Reputation Have you ever wondered how some emails get sent to the spam folder and others land in your inbox? Some email accounts even organize everything received into categories automatically. There is a lot going on behind the scenes, which dictates which emails are trusted and which are more likely to go into spam. [continue reading…]

Email Unsubscribe Best Practices – Scientifically Tested

Unsubsribe stop signAn unsubscribe link is the law however unsubscribe best practices are about more than staying legal.

Getting unsubscribe right means a cleaner list and stronger deliverability.

I ran usability tests on six brand emails. In the worst-case users needed 2 minutes to unsubscribe and 12% couldn’t find the unsubscribe link.

The test results highlight the best practices and illustrate what confuses customers. A lesson as important to unsubscribe as to buy now links. [continue reading…]

Gmail Promotions Tab Bundles – Complete Guide

Gmail Top Deals shown in Promotions tabWithout much fanfare Google announced to the world at a conference in Holland a new way that brand emails can be featured in the Gmail Promotions tab.

They’re calling it bundles.

Given the relative simplicity of implementation, this could well turn out to be the biggest news for 2019. [continue reading…]

B2B Email Deliverability Issues – Office 365 and G-Suite Adoption Changes B2B Marketing

G-Suite Office 365 adoption and B2B emailIt’s a common misconception that B2B email junk filtering is different to B2C email spam filtering. Things have changed.

Analysis of B2B lists shows new stats. Over 50% of B2B inboxes now have the same junk filtering as B2C lists. That means the best practices to avoid B2B deliverability issues are the same as for B2C. [continue reading…]

Email Addiction – Consumer Research

Email Addiction Report Cover - Consumer SurveyAs a professional involved in email marketing, it is important to stay in touch with how your subscribers feel and use the email channel.

You hear claims from industry people of marketing and email overload, yet see people happily sign up for your list. And can report strong revenue from the email marketing channel.

As an email marketer spending hours working on email, it is easy to stop seeing email the way consumers see it.

Hence the Email Addiction report. [continue reading…]