A common preference request error that’s easily fixed

Its good to see in this example email from FootSmart that they are trying to find out more about their subscribers so that they can provide more relevant content.

However, they forgot to change the focus from being about what they want to being about customer benefit.


Where is the customer benefit in the headline “Tell us about you!”? Today’s consumers are savvy and skeptical. They don’t see brands as best friends with whom they want to share information.

The headline comes across as being nosey and self-interested. Consumers aren’t looking for opportunities to spend time filling in faceless forms to tell brands about themselves.

The fix is quite easy. The headline just needs to be turned around to focus on the benefit the customer will gain from sharing the preference information.

The headline sentiment is “Get more products and offers you like – and less of those you don’t”.

The brand interest copy focus continues in the first sentence under the headline beginning with “We want…”. No customer is interested in what the brand wants.

Finally the button call to action text continues in the same vain with with ‘Tell Us More’.

So what would a customer centric equivalent email look like? I’ve mocked up an alternative version


What do you think, does the alternative work better?

So remember next time you are about to say “We are really excited to tell you about our new (fill in the blank)”, just stand on the other side of the fence and explain it in terms of why the customer could be excited about your new blank.