3 Crazy April Fool Email Examples

Email Marketing April fool creative examplesBrands got foolish yesterday and why not? An April Fool email is a great way to add a little spice and fun to the email inbox.

You’ll find some examples of foolish behaviour below and just what made them special, with emails from GoApe, Boden and Redbox. Take a look and see which tickle your fancy.

First up from Boden. This is from Boden in the US. Boden in the UK have in the past run an April Fool email but this year seemed to be humourless.

This email from Boden scores well because it is believable and relates to an actual Boden product, rather than being something amusing but not strongly relevant to the brand or it’s products.

Email April Fool Example from Boden

The landing page continues with the same tone, as shown below. The customer is rewarded (or is that compensated?) with a 25% discount. So Boden have managed to have some fun, stayed on brand and added in a promotional element to the campaign, but without ruining the humour. Nicely done.


GoApe also created their fool around the outdoor adventure experiences they offer. Combining tree top high wires with Segway to create the Tree Top Segway. Notice in the picture they don’t even wear safety harnesses! This is a ride for the very foolish only.

GoApe April Fool Treetop Segway

The GoApe landing page objective, shown below, is list growth. With a quality list vital to all email marketing it’s great to see GoApe putting some focus on this. Though for anyone arriving at the page from an email this seems rather pointless. The landing page seems to be designed for people coming from social media and other campaigns.



Finally Redbox created films to rent for pets. The creative theme carries through to the names of the films available, such as fifty shades of greyhound. A nice touch. When I tried to click to see the landing page it was unfortunately broken. Shame.

Redbox April Fool Email Creative Example

Want to be further amused? Take a look at these two fine April Fool email creative examples and for yet more still Alchemy Worx have compiled examples into a lookbook on Pinterest and several examples have been posted on the Only Influencers blog.

If you’ve seen an email that made you smile please do add a comment below.