Alan Lawrenson, Customer Retention Manager, valued the quick wins

The session provided was ideal; we touched on both short and long-term goals. Based on the insights delivered we are now putting together a clear email marketing roadmap for the next 12 months as well as working on some quick wins.

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Bob Roscoe, CEO, was delighted with 32% revenue uplift

“In just a short time we’ve seen big improvements to our email marketing strategy, with immediate results too. Increasing revenue 32% for a campaign to Inc. 500 companies.

There is no question for me of his knowledge and expertise in email marketing. Tim is a proactive, professional and totally reliable email consultant.”

Zara Timms, Digital Marketing Manager, happy with an immediate response increase

“Tim’s detailed knowledge and experience of email, coupled with his analytic mind, means he has been able to add huge value to the Aviva. Within in weeks of joining our agency team as a consultant, Tim helped us quadruple our testing opportunities and provided recommendations which helped immediately increase response.”

Ofir Platner, Head of Digital Marketing, rates me as a True Pro

“Tim is one of the most proficient consultant’s I’ve ever worked with. I learned so much from his vast knowledge and experience about email marketing, marketing automation, segmentation and A/B testing. With Tim’s analysis and insights we managed to improve our email deliverabilty, engagement and ROI by dozens of %.

Tim is also a creative thinker that can tackle complex problems with original ideas and help you put them together in an actionable and measurable way. I’ll recommend on Tim to anyone who’s struggling with digital engagement via email marketing, he’s a true pro!”

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Neil McKendrick, Email Marketing Manager, says if I don’t know about it, it’s not relevant

“Tim worked with us to roll-out a robust testing strategy that covered layout, timing, subject lines and segmentation. The primary focus was to optimize our template to improve deliverability and in turn open rates.

The implementation of these findings culminated in our most successful month for opens, by some distance. Aside to that Tim definitely adds value with suggestion and debate, acting as a great sounding board. If he doesn’t know about it, its probably not that relevant.”

George Griffiths, Managing Director, likes the value for money and deft touch

“I’ve counted on Tim’s guidance for several years, for the simple reason he delivers value for money. In addition to his comprehensive knowledge of email marketing we often ask for input on our website and other marketing materials. He invariably provides helpful advice and has a deft touch with structuring effective customer communication.”

Nick Ashwood, Group General Manager, got impressive results

“Tim worked with us on a project to turn a large and highly inactive email database of approximately 1.5m into an engaged and responsive pool of 250k. While the results were very impressive, it was Tim’s method that most impressed me.”

Nathalie Chaboche, CMO, Trusted the email strategy advice

“Tim’s extensive email marketing experience and on time reliability made it a pleasure to work with him. Whether advice on email strategy or hands on help, I trusted his opinion and ability to get the job done”

Felicia Bonavita, Program Manager, says I’m a great speaker

“A true professional and very dedicated to his work. In the short time I have worked with Tim he has stepped up and helped me out tremendously by providing very informative and valuable information on the topic of Email Marketing. He is a great speaker and educator, he is on time and very responsive.”

FTI Consulting
Chris Pickard Senior Marketing Executive, strongly recommends

“I attended Tim’s advanced email marketing course and would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for practical insights to help improve their email marketing campaigns. Tim’s style of presentation is very engaging and easy to follow. I came away from the course with lots of tips on best practice which we began implementing the following week.”

Aroq Ltd
John Newton, Director of Marketing, says calling me could be your best call this year

“What Tim doesn’t know about email deliverability isn’t worth knowing. His clear, actionable advice gets right to the point, ready to take it back to your technical team for implementation. Honest and approachable, Tim is everything a consultant should be. If your email program needs some TLC, pick up the phone and call Tim – it could be one of the best calls you’ll make this year.”

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